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Treadmills are highly effective for burning calories and an excellent complement to outdoor running and other training. In addition to improving your fitness, running on the treadmill will also build muscle strength in your legs and in your back. The treadmill has a range of computerised exercise programs and settings, making your exercise both effective and fun.

Tips when choosing treadmill

Make sure to choose a treadmill big enough for your stride, so you feel safe and relaxed when running. The width of the running belt is more important than the length. Ensure the maximum speed is high enough to let you use it for interval training, which is a highly effective way of exercising. Choose a treadmill with strong enough motor - 2 h.p. is sufficient for normal use. All our treadmills have good and soft bounce. If you need help, please contact us using the chat down left, or the details at the top of our website

Treadmill Accessory Package
from £149 (£195)
Hammer Life Runner LR 16i
Treadmill - Good
Gymstick Run 3.0
Treadmill - Good
Hammer Life Runner LR 18i
Treadmill - Better
Finnlo Technum IV
Treadmill - Better

Finnlo Alpine IV
Treadmill - Better
£1 181
Hammer Life Runner LR 22i
Treadmill - Better
£1 271.75
Finnlo Endurance IV
Treadmill - Best
£1 544.50
Gymstick Diamond Run 7.0
Treadmill - Better
£1 635.50
Gymstick Pro Run Diamond 10.0
Treadmill - Best
£2 535

Gymstick Pro Run 100
Treadmill - Pro
£4 810