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Cross trainer


A cross trainer is a gentle exercise machine where the exercise is similar to running, jogging or walking. You exercise both the lower and upper body simultaneously, which makes the crosstrainer an exceptionally effective exercise machine.

Tips when choosing cross trainer

The main difference between cross trainers is whether they are front-wheel driven (has the rotating wheel at the front) or rear-wheel driven (has the rotating wheel at the back). A front-wheel cross trainer allows for a lower, more comfortable step similar to cross country skiing. A rear-wheel cross trainer requires a higher and more challenging step. If you have knee- or back problems, you should choose a front-wheel driven cross trainer. Electromagnetic brakes are preferred as they are the most quiet and durable ones. To achieve good training results, it's important you choose a cross trainer with long enough steps. The recommendation is about 40 cm for the rear wheel driven and about 50 cm for the front wheel driven. If you need help, please contact us using the chat down left, or the details at the top of our website.

Hammer Ellyptech CT3
Crosstrainer - Good
£271.75 (£272)
Hammer Crosstech XTR III
Crosstrainer - Good
£353.25 (£353.50)
Gymstick IC 3.0 Crosstrainer
Crosstrainer - Good
Finnlo Finum III
Crosstrainer - Good
£408 (£408.75)
Hammer Crosslife XTR
Crosstrainer - Good
£408 (£408.25)

Gymstick IC 4.0 Crosstrainer
Crosstrainer - Good
Finnlo Tivon II
Crosstrainer - Better
£817.25 (£817.50)
Finnlo Loxon III
Crosstrainer - Better
£908 (£908.25)
Finnlo Loxon XTR III
Crosstrainer - Better
£998.75 (£999)
Gymstick FTR 90 Crosstrainer
Crosstrainer - Best
£1 170

Gymstick Pro Cross 50 Crosstrainer
Crosstrainer - Best
£2 537.50