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A Tacx Trainer allows you to do effective indoor training on your own bike. You can set the trainer to low or high resistance, based on your preference. All Tacx Trainers use a magnetic brake system to generate resistance. The stronger the magnetic field, the more resistance is applied to your bike. The strength of the magnetic field can be adjusted to ensure your training is effective.

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Tacx Trainer Blue Twist
£131.75 (£139)
Tacx Trainer Blue Matic
£135.50 (£157.25)
Tacx Trainer Antares
£159.50 (£168.25)
Tacx Trainer Galaxia
£208 (£231.75)
Tacx Trainer Booster
£223.50 (£235.50)

Tacx Trainer Satori Smart
£253.50 (£281)
Tacx Trainer Vortex Smart
£418 (£427.25)
Tacx Trainer Bushido Smart
£499 (£590)
Tacx Trainer Flux Smart
£635.50 (£727.25)

Tacx Trainer Neo Smart
£1 090 (£1 271.75)