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Exercise bike


Exercise bikes are the pioneers among exercise machines. It was the exercise bike that kick-started peoples interest in exercising at home. An exercise bike provides comfortable and gentle fitness training. We have a broad range of exercise bikes for everyone's training, ambitions and budget.

Tips when choosing exercise bike

Important things to think of is the brake system, the display and the size. Electromagnetic brakes is the best choice. In terms of the display, it's mostly up to personal taste - whether you want many or few preset programs. Ask yourself if you prefer to control the resistance yourself when exercising or if you rather have preset programs. An exercise bike must be big and heavy enough to provide sufficient stability when in use. All our models comply with this. If your mobility is limited, you will benefit from a bike with low instep. If you need help, please contact us using the chat down left, or the details at the top of our website

Hammer Cardio T2
Exercise bike - Good
£180.75 (£181)
Gymstick Crank Bike X4
£254 (£272.25)
Hammer Cardio XT5
Exercise bike - Better
£344.50 (£344.75)

Finnlo Exum III
Exercise bike - Better
£544.25 (£544.50)
Hammer PRO LINE Ergometer HX7
Exercise bike - Better
£544.25 (£544.50)
Hammer Comfort XTR Recumbent Bike
Exercise bike - Better
£544.25 (£544.50)
Finnlo Varon Stressless
Exercise bike - Better
£635.25 (£635.50)
Finnlo Varon XTR II
Exercise bike - Better
£771.50 (£771.75)